About HDV and StopHDV

What is the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV)?

HDV - 'Haringey Development Vehicle' is a joint venture between Haringey Council and a private developer to create a private company to ‘regenerate the area’. The council will put in public assets worth many millions which include housing estates, schools, public facilities and private housing acquired through compulsory purchase orders. So what’s wrong with that?


Has there been a proper consultation?

Were the homeowners whose houses are now under compulsory purchase consulted?

Have affected council tenants been given guarantees in writing, that they will be returned to the communities they’ve built their lives around?

And what about the many small businesses that sit on land that are all part of the HDV giveaway?


What are the financial implications?

Worse still, what if the company goes bankrupt?

Has there been a risk assessment that guarantees we are protected from the fallout of a bankruptcy?

Will we, the public, end up footing the bill?

These are questions to which we believe the council should give detailed answers and listen to peoples responses before going ahead with the scheme.

What is StopHDV?

We’re a campaign group made up of local residents and small business owners who wish to know the answers to these questions and are fighting to stop the HDV. If you want to know more check out our website StopHDV.com.
If you would like to volunteer on our campaign please contact us, or contribute to our legal challenge