Haringey Council Cabinet has decided to hand most of its property to a private company (The HDV) jointly owned with Lendlease a private developer despite massive public & political opposition - Can they be more out of touch with the people they represent? But we can stop them.


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Legal Appeal against the HDV

Support our legal appeal. The Judicial Review on the Haringey Development Vehicle was heard in the High Court, Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London on 25 and 26 October,  The decision was issued on 8 February 2018 (Comment on the decision here) . We are appealing the decision but that takes funds. donate to the crowdfunder here

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Broadwater Farm – Lobby the Cabinet Meeting 26 June

Support Broadwater Farm residents – Lobby of Cabinet meeting – Tuesday 26 June, 5.30pm, Civic Centre N22

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Response to Claire Kober standing down, Labour NEC decision and more

For women’s response to Claire Kober’s decision to stand down, Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) intervention and other news see out news page

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LBC Interview with Northumberland Park residents

LBC Interview with Northumberland Park Residents Sam, Franklin & Moriam about the HDV – 6.12.2017

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Haringey Council has failed to carry the community with it and has appeared out of touch and heavy-handed. Residents have not been consulted properly, community concerns have not been allayed, financial risks have not been mitigated and the Council’s own Overview and Scrutiny Committee have been ignored.”

Rt Hon David Lammy MP
Tottenham MP


hat you [Claire Kober] are currently planning to do through the council’s proposed partnership with Lend Lease which was, in effect, sprung on all of us when it was too late to plead for reason and restraint, is splitting the Labour Party and putting you at odds with almost everyone else, including a number of your Cabinet. The HDV was not in any manifesto and yet you have pursued it through a covert and incremental approach, duping fellow councillors”

Stuart McNamara
Haringey Councillor, former Cabinet Member


here is something rotten at the heart of Haringey council democracy, and the proposed deal with Lendlease is the latest sign of a sick politics. Residents are disadvantaged in participating in decisions about their homes and businesses, and are cynical about the access developers have bought with their sponsorship and hospitality.”

Martin Ball