Despite massive public & political opposition Haringey cabinet members insist they deliver what people want - Can they be more out of touch with the people they represent?

What's Next? Legal Action

This week, July 24th, should see a response from Claire Kober's law firm [Pinsent Masons] to the recent letter sent to them by Leigh Day informing of the intended action in the High Court if they go ahead with the HDV decision at Cabinet in July, as they have now done. The Pre-Action Letter sent much earlier gave reasons of non or inadequate consultation, lack of transparency on financial risk and flawed Equalities Impact to which have been added the implications of post-Grenfell disaster on HDV setting up, safety and costs. The latter is why they wanted more time to respond.

Filing of the JR application is then now immanent as it is already clear that the Council Leader has no intention of re-thinking this. We have asked that they sign no contracts with Lendlease while the issue is in legal dispute, and that they agree to accept the request to a judge for a £20,000 community interest cap on any awards which could arise from decisions of the court.




aringey Council has failed to carry the community with it and has appeared out of touch and heavy-handed. Residents have not been consulted properly, community concerns have not been allayed, financial risks have not been mitigated and the Council's own Overview and Scrutiny Committee have been ignored."

Rt Hon David Lammy MP
Tottenham MP


he situation in Haringey exemplifies what Wolfgang Streeck in his book How Will Capitalism End? calls the consolidation state, run directly in the interests of capital investors and not indirectly through the mediation of the market, let alone with any social democratic pretensions (as in the postwar Keynesian national welfare state)."

Patrick Ainley
Public Services International Research Unit, Business School, University of Greenwich


here is something rotten at the heart of Haringey council democracy, and the proposed deal with Lendlease is the latest sign of a sick politics. Residents are disadvantaged in participating in decisions about their homes and businesses, and are cynical about the access developers have bought with their sponsorship and hospitality."

Martin Ball





Watch Haringey Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Mon, 17th Jul 2017 

Many very good questions by StopHDV members , Labour and LibDem Councillors.
As to the answers? You'll be the judge of that.