Feb 022018

Women who have campaigned against the HDV write in response to Claire Kober’s announcement that she will be standing down at the May Council ellections.

We welcome Claire Kober’s decision yesterday to stand down in May and leave the decision whether to proceed with the HDV to the next leader of the council. The decision would have been particularly welcomed if it had been made in the spirit of having listened to Haringey residents.

We are saddened however, that she chose this moment to add, to the well-worn charges that Haringey council has been the victim of a coup by hard left members of the Labour party, the allegations of ‘sexism, bullying, undemocratic behaviour and outright personal attacks’.

The Stop the HDV campaign group is a broad-based group made up of people from different parties and none. The HDV would have affected council tenants, housing trust tenants and home owners and they are all represented in the group. At least fifty percent of the group are women and they have been extremely active in the campaign; organising marches, chairing meetings and speaking on behalf of the group. We have used our democratic right to protest against the HDV, attend public meetings and speak openly about our opposition to this policy which we feel would be devastating to our community. Many women, particularly single parents, would have been adversely affected by the HDV.

Those of us who are members of the Labour party chose to support candidates opposed to the HDV in the democratic selections so that we had candidates who represent our views rather than those who think they know what is best for us. Numerous sitting councillors chose not to fight for their seats.
Many able women have been chosen to stand as Labour candidates in May.

As women, many of us have experienced sexism and we agree that no woman should be subjected to it. However, this campaign has been about Clare Kober’s attempt to impose the HDV not about her as a woman.

Ms Kober, vocal opposition to an unpopular policy which is being implemented in a paternalistic way without proper consultation is not bullying or sexism, it is democracy.

Yours sincerely

Florence Allaway (Stop the HDV campaign, Muswell Hill Ward)
Jackie Baker (Stop the HDV campaign, Alexandra Ward)
Lynda Brennan (Haringey Theatre, Haringey resident)
Milena Buyum (Chair St Ann’s Labour party)
Sarah Cave (Stop the HDV Campaign, Haringey Ward)
Wendy Charlton (Wood Green Resident)
Lucy Craig (Green Party)
Alison Davy (Northumberland Park Decides)
Janet Grant (Haringey Resident)
Melissa Friedberg (Chair Haringey Unite Community Branch)
Sue Hughes (Ass. Sec of Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Party)
Moriam Islam (Northumberland Park Decides)
Sam Leggat (Northumberland Park Decides)
Anne McTaggart (Stop the HDV campaign, Haringey resident)
Imelda O’Brien (Stop the HDV campaign, Haringey Ward)
Hilary Adams (Vice Chair, Bruce Grove Labour party, Vice Chair Unite Community Branch)
Stephanie Grant (Stop the HDV campaign, Haringey Resident)
Lyn Silver-Markell (Northumberland Park Decides)
Jenny Sutton (Stop the HDV campaign, Haringey Resident)
Joy Wallace (Labour party, Haringey resident)
Adjoa Wiredu (Haringey Resident)
Kate Worsley (Haringey Resident)
Sharon Wright (Stop the HDV campaign, Hornsey Resident)