Aug 312017

DEMOLITION?! Our homes and community are at risk !!

Thursday 7th September 2017

7pm - 9pm

St Paul's Church

60 Park Lane

N17 0JR

An open door even for local residents who would like to find out more about Haringey Council's plans to sell off the Northumberland Park Estate to property developers for demolition and "regeneration". Local people have not been consulted or given proper information. We call it social cleansing as the current residents (according to the councils own equality impact assessment) will not be able to afford to buy or rent the new homes. Our homes and community will make way for leisure facilites and hotels for the super rich.

Is your home inside the "red line"? Come and find out more

Join us and help us with this campaign. Together we can win!! Please do pass this on.

All welcome!

• See maps of the demolition areas – homes and businesses under threat

• Will we be able to afford to rent or buy one of the new homes?

• What is Social Cleansing?

• What’s the reality of the Right of Return pledge? Evidence from Love Lane

• Video film of protest and resistance against the HDV

• Badges, Petitions, Window Posters – help us let residents know

• Speakers from other London campaigns opposing social cleansing

• All welcome: Unity is Strength! invite your neighbours and friends

IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO HELP with gathering and presenting info on the 7th, such as Resistance Art, Refreshments, Maps, printing of essential documents and evidence, pls gt in touch asap