Feb 112019

Love Lane’s Temporary Accommodation Group (TAG) take matters into their own hands as they lobby Haringey council to provide them and the other 180 temporary accommodation households with permanent council residency.

In the midst of the High Road West development the future of Love Lane continues to hang in the balance. The GLA has told the Council that if it wants to access GLA funding it must ballot the residents of the estate – which has now been delayed to summer 2019.

In the meantime the temporary accommodation tenants or “temps” on the estate have formed a campaign group TAGLoveLane to pressure the council into giving them permanent council status as part of the development scheme. Haringey council’s regeneration team has admitted to intentionally populating the estate with temps to provide a “secure home” to these families for a few years before kicking them out again and moving them on to their next home - which could easily be out of London all together.

Despite all this, the council has refused to give the temps a definitive answer as to what the future holds for these families after the ballot and the tenants are beginning to get suspicious. If they vote “yes” for demolition there is no promise that the new homes will be for them, and if they vote “no” the council says they will have to repopulate the estate with secure tenants again.

TAG is now engaging heavily with the residents on the estate and local businesses to ensure that the information surrounding the ballot is factual and not misleading.

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