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On 13th of April Haringey announced the end of consultation letters sent to residents:

"In line with the 2017 Revised Statement of Community Involvement consultation letters will no longer be sent for planning applications as of 1 June 2017. Where there is a legal duty to consult a site notice will be placed at each site. Local groups can also sign up to receive notification of planning applications via email, and they can also use the Notiz smartphone app to receive notifications straight to their phone."

There is no information on how to join the email notification and on the Notiz link Haringey admits to having issues with this app.

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Haringey Development Vehicle Business Case (pdf)

HDV - Financial Close and Establishment 3.7.17 Haringey Cabinet Meeting 

Supporting documents:

Tottenham Hotspur

Realising Justice - The critical moment at High Road West (pdf) July 2015

A study by: Ankit Bhardwaj, Chrystopher George, Aude Lucien and  Pénélope Seguin-Mathieu - London School of Economics 

"We evaluate the regeneration process and potential outcomes on this site from the perspective of urban justice. Differentiating between procedural and distributive justice, we highlight the negotiation power imbalances that currently exist between stakeholders that allow for or constrain the ability to materialise aspirations for the site."p3

"From its outset, this project explicitly envisioned a Tottenham not dominated, and identified, by the Spurs. However, in our research we discovered a site, planned for regeneration, which embodies the tensions between conflicting visions of what Tottenham should, and will, look like. Though, what has truly been critical about the project is not the tentative spatial reconfiguration of the area, but rather the unilateral and unjust processes and negotiations that have commanded it. Thus, our objective has been to ameliorate this most salient feature of the redevelopment along with the effects it will likely have in Tottenham." p24