Jul 112018

Bury the HDV! No Permission for Demolition! Build & Refurbish Council Housing

The Council’s Cabinet  decided on Tuesday 17th July to bury the hated Haringey Development Vehicle.  We celebrate this great victory for people power and re-state our principles – No permission for demolition, No social cleansing!

The HDV is ended despite letters (copy here) from Lendlease warning it not to infringe their rights, and claiming that ‘it is not open to the council to attempt to abandon the procurement in which Lendlease was selected and then confirmed as the preferred bidder’ & "if the Cabinet attempts to reverse our appointment as the successful bidder, we will have no choice but to seek to protect Lendlease's interests given our very significant investment over the last two and a half years."

The people of Haringey got rid of Former Council Leader Clare Kober to stop the HDV now we need to see off Lendlease and its threats.

There will also be a proper celebration party in September - details to follow. 

Council report here pages 27 to 178