We are Crowd Funding for a Legal Chllenge

 Posted by on 16th May 2017
May 162017

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legal challenge to STOP#HDV

Starting today  Tuesday, 16th May at 11.am StopHDV Crowd Funding is launched on CrowdJustice a crowd funding platform, which believes that the law should be available to everyone, big and small, rich and poor.  CrowdJustice is built for legal crowdfunding. Because they verify that appeals have a lawyer already in place, donors can be confident any donations go to a real legal case.

The appeal to the High Court is being launched by Gordon Peters, concerning Haringey Council’s plan to transfer all publicly owned property portfolio to a private company, called the Haringey Development Vehicle – or HDV.  The financial risk is immense – potentially £2 Billion - and is on a scale unparalleled in any other Local Authority in the UK.  That’s why we are asking for your help!




Crowd Funding so far

Over £8000 has already been raised on JustGiving – and thanks again if you were one of those generous donors – but unfortunately excellent legal representation is not cheap. Gordon’s lawyers (www.leighday.co.uk) are well known for challenging Local Authorities over public law, civil liberties and human rights.  They are pursuing various legal arguments with Haringey Council but it looks as though they may have to go all the way to a Judicial Review – an expensive route but ultimately the only thing that will stop this risky and undemocratic scheme. 

About Gordon Peters

Gordon Peters is a Retired Director of Social Services, a former fellow of the King's Fund and a health & social care consultant for UK and overseas governments. He Chairs the Haringey Older Peoples Reference Group; and is active in Haringey Over 50s; the Unite Community TU; the Green Party - and his allotment!

PLEASE…  help get this unparalleled and dangerous project overturned.  
  • Go to the CrowdJustice site and make whatever donation you or your organisation can afford. 
  • FaceBook it , Tweet it with #StopHDV, Email or simply talk about the HDV to as many people as possible in Haringey and beyond
  • If the HDV gets the go-ahead, it’s only a matter of time before it’s emulated by Councils up and down the country.