Nov 302017


StopHDV is issuing the followingstatement in response to inaccurate and defamatory  comments about the campaign and its members in the press and on social media


The StopHDV campaign is a single issue campaign open to anyone who opposes the Haringey Development Vehicle. It has supporters and participants from many parties including the Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Party, Green Party, Socialist Worker’s Party, & Left Unity as well as members of other housing campaigns (Defend Council Housing, Radical Housing Network), members of tenants’ and residents associations (including the Northumberland Park Residents Association) Local societies (including The Highgate Society), recognised trade unions including Unite and Unison, and many people who are in no group or organisation.

Supporters of StopHDV who are Labour Party members and who qualify under Labour Party rules have understandably exercised their democratic right to attend and vote in their ward shortlisting and selection meetings. But no member of another party has taken any part in the Tottenham or Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Parties’ council candidate selection process.

We completely refute the allegations that StopHDV is controlled by, or a front for, Momentum, the Socialist Worker’s Party, or any individual political organisation; but we defend the right of our supporters to be members of any organisation whose aims do not conflict with the aims and objectives of StopHDV.

We feel the attempt to portray the StopHDV campaign in such a dishonest manner is an attempt to deny and derail the democratic process.

StopHDV 30 November 2017