Nov 042017

The Labour Parties in Hornsey & Wood Green and Tottenham are selecting their candidates for next May's Haringey Council elections.

The outcome could dramatically alter the balance of support for the HDV on the Council after next May. Details of the timetable of meetings and which Labour Party members can participate can be found here

8 November

4 wards shortlisted candidates. Council Leader Claire Kober was reselected as a candidate for Seven Sisters ward alongside another pro-HDV vouncillor. After the meeting, following concerns from members and on social media (see here ), the process has been referred by the local Tottenham Party's Executive Committee to the Labour Party NEC for investigation. In two wards (Woodside and Tottenham Hale)  some seats currently held by councillors in favour of the HDV were opened up to allow new candidates to contest the candidacies. Anti-HDV members will be contesting these selections. In Northumberland Park all three sitting Councillors were reselected (2 pro-HDV, 1 Anti-HDV).

12 November

Anti-HDV campaigner Ruth Gordon defeated Labour Chief Whip Lorna Reith (who voted for the HDV) in selection for Labour Council Candidates for Tottenham Hale Ward along with two sitting councillors who have voted against the HDV. In Seven Sisters the pro-HDV candidate was selected for a vacant seat.

13 November

Two more anti-HDV candidates Lucia das Neves & Mark Blake were selected in Woodside Ward to replace two pro-HDV councillors

15 November

5 wards deciding whether to keep existing Councillors or reselect. Noel Park decided 2 Councillors would face a reselection contest, including Alan Strickland (Cabinet Member for Housing & Regeneration - Chief supporter of the HDV and Lendlease); and one, Peray Ahmet who abstained in Cabinet and is believed to have turned against the HDV was reselected. In Bruce Grove 2 opponents of the HDV were reselected and an exclusively anti-HDV shortlist chosen for the vacancy. West Green decided its 2 pro-HDV councillors must face reselection, the other place is vacant. InTottenham Green 2 Anti-HDV Councillors reselected & one pro-HDV Councillor stood down creating a vacancy. White Hart Lane reselected its 3 Anti-HDV councillors. A very good night for StopHDV!

Running Total 

So far selected (estimate based on past voting record and statements):

Candidates who support the HDV:  6

Candidates who oppose the HDV:  14

This page will be updated as the process unfolds.