May 172017

There are in the region of 5,000 homes at risk of demolition under Haringey’s housing plans. So far, the Council has made a specific decision to demolish just one estate (Love Lane with 297 homes) although it has not yet actually demolished anything

Love Lane estate as seen from the a platform of White Hart Lane station. Photograph by Christine Johnstone

There is an element of ‘mission creep’ – extra buildings being tacked onto planned demolition zones. Also, areas are taken out of demolition zones, often because residents have complained about it. We like this: keep it up! These estates have been saved from demolition since 2013, following resident or Councillor objections:

  • Helston Court and the surrounding area
  • Tamar Way, Summersby Road
  • and Larkspur Close.
  • Also, plans to build on Lordship Recreation ground were dropped following objections.

The estates on the following list are either included in Haringey Site Allocations (sites allocated for redevelopment) within the Local Plan, or else identified as Areas of Change within the Plan. Areas of Change are defined as: ‘areas with considerable potential for growth  and contain identified sites which are available and suitable for development’. In the context this means an intention to demolish.

Not all buildings within the identified areas have to be demolished. We hope that none will be. However demolition is not inevitable: not even at Love Lane. The phrase we use is at risk of demolition. Demolition and redevelopment would lead to:

  • the loss of Council and affordable housing, and 
  • to higher house prices and to social cleansing 

We want to get these rotten plans stopped!

It is not just council housing which is at risk of demolition. Under planning powers, the council intends to demolish private and housing association properties around some of these estates as well. This is especially a factor at Broadwater Farm and Northumberland Park.

Estates at risk of demolition

To be redeveloped by the Haringey Development Vehicle:

  • Northumberland Park: See detailed list of homes at risk.
  • Broadwater Farm: The Broadwater Farm council estate, plus Somerset Close, Lido Square, Moira Close, Grant Close, Brookside House, Broadwater Lodge, and Lordship Lane 207-331 odds.
  • Turner Avenue: including Brunel Walk
  • Park Grove: including Tredegar Road, which was identified for demolition in the Business case for the HDV.
  • Tunnel Gardens: including Blake Road (73-79 odds).
  • Leabank and Lemsford,
  • Reynardson Court

Estates at risk of demolition which may not be redeveloped by the Haringey Development Vehicle:

  • Love Lane: to be redeveloped separately to the HDV.
  • Imperial Wharf : an out of borough estate located in Hackney.
  • Sky City and Page High:  These are housing association estates set for demolition under the Wood Green area action plan.  

The HDV is to build new town centre at Wood Green, do it may redevelop these sites as well including private dwellings at:

  • Caxton Road,
  • Coburg Road
  • John Aldis House
  • Parkland Road (part)
  • Mayes Road  (part-86a-114 evens , 65-81 odds),
  • and 8 houses in Jack Barnett Way (part).

This information has been compiled from several council documents, it is correct to the best of our knowledge. Those documents are published on Haringey website: Haringey Local Plan