Nov 072017

from Evening Standard - 7 November 2017

Facing criticism: Council leader Claire Kober

An embattled Labour council leader was today accused of running it like her “personal fiefdom”.

Long-standing councillor Stuart McNamara blasted Haringey boss Claire Kober for wasting public money on vanity projects while “strangling services”. He announced that in protest he would no longer stand for the party at next May’s elections.

The setback for one of London’s most prominent town hall leaders came after the Standard revealed that she was being targeted by Left-wing supporters of Jeremy Corbyn plotting a leadership challenge. Phil Rose, spokesman for the Stop HDV campaign, said Mr McNamara’s decision showed how disillusioned Labour members were with their own council. “This is not somebody having a hissy fit,” Mr Rose said. “He is a committed councillor most offended by the lack of democracy.” READ FULL ARTICLE