Council Meeting – 4 December 2017

 Posted by on 6th December 2017
Dec 062017

Painting by Inga

StopHDV supporters joined Council Trade Unions (who were pursuing a pay claim) in lobbying the meeting of the full Council meeting on 4 December under the slogan Fair Pay for Workers – No Mandate for the HDV. Protestors then went into the public gallery.

Under one item on the agenda the Council decided to request approval from the Secretary of State Sajid David to dispose of public land in the High Road West Regeneration Area to be developed under a partnership with Lendlease. Although this is outside of the HDV, it is a similar project opposed by StopHDV. Only 27 councillors voted for the proposal (less than half the full Council). Most current Labour Councillors who oppose the HDV stayed away from the meeting, or absented themselves from the vote. If they had voted against, they risked losing the whip, suspension and potential disqualification from being Labour Candidates in May 2018, which would risk undoing the hard work done to select a majority of anti-HDV Labour candidates for next year's council elections. However, not being able to get even 50% of the full Council votes, is a further demonstration the Council Leadership has lost its mandate for its gentrification/social cleansing plans.

The video of the full Council meeting can be seen here