New Letter for councillors

 Posted by on 13th June 2017
Jun 132017

Please find a new letter more focussed on the political situation and how it affects Haringey.

Please send to as many councillors as possible. A list of e mail addresses is at the bottom including for both MPs and Joane Assembly member Joanne McCartney

If you didnt vote Labour, please amend the first words of para 2 accordingly.



Dear Councillor,

I am writing to you regarding the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) that the council are proposing to bring into effect in the very near future. I understand that there will be a meeting of the Labour Group this Thursday where there will be a discussion and subsequent vote on the HDV.

As a Labour voter in the recent snap General Election, I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my concerns and opposition to the introduction of the HDV and give you my reasons for doing so.

Last week in both Tottenham and Hornsey and Wood Green the Labour parliamentary candidates gained in excess of 40,000 votes each and were elected with massive majorities on a very high swing to Labour. This happened in response to their own track record and also the excellent Labour manifesto which captured the public imagination and also created a mood of hope and optimism. Some of the key themes in this manifesto were the commitment to build large numbers of new genuinely affordable social housing units, the ending of the austerity programme enforced by the Tories and support for public ownership of some utilities such as the railways. Very clearly the HDV runs contrary to these manifesto commitments, especially as a Labour government building new homes would negate it being necessary.

Whilst The Labour party didn't achieve a majority in the election, it has created a political situation whereby the Tory government is struggling to construct a working majority and could fall at any time, with the prospect of another election being called and the very possible subsequent election of a Labour Government. If Haringey were to sign off the HDV in the situation in July, it could very possibly find itself committed to something that would run counter to the policies of a government of the same party. If nothing else it could be used by the opposition parties against the Labour Party in any election campaign.

In addition amongst other things, you will already be aware of the issues raised previously around the high level of unassessed risk of the project, the problematic behaviour of the chosen partner company and the disproportionate impact upon the most vulnerable members of our communities. None of these concerns have gone away yet with the current forecast of both political and economic instability, I do not feel now is the time to embark on such a project.

Consequently, as a voter in Haringey, I am asking as one of my locally elected Labour Councillors that you consider either voting against proceeding with the HDV or at the very least vote for a delay whilst the unfolding economic and political situation becomes clearer.


Yours sincerely



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